welcome to my self-experiment. i will not buy any fast fashion for one year and promote second hand buys, swaps with friends and independent clothing labels with slow fashion.

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willkommen zu meinem selbst-experiment. ich werde ein jahr lang keine fast fashion kaufen und second hand sowie unabhängige unternehmen mit slow fashion unterstützen oder mit freunden tauschen.

folgt meiner geschichte. klicke hier für den blog.

about the idea

influenced by my work place as well as my genius professor at uni, i had an unusual idea: why not stop shopping for one year?

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about kim

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

ordinary girl that tries to change her buying behaviour and let you participate in her ups and downs.


about the rules

every challenge needs a framework. buying clothes can be differentiated and i am allowed to buy fashion. but how?



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